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If you have been looking for a better path to tread at scaling up your income and successively grow your money in dollars through the world of Cryptocurrencies popularly named Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Alt coins, to mention but a few. I assure you then, this info is your golden treasure and the most important message you will ever read right now.

Do I Have Your Attention?



With Cryptocurrency, to build riches has become more simple.

You just need to acquire the trading skill I am about to show you in addition to unlimited access to my signal support group with an affordable capital and more importantly a strong desire to succeed financially and build an unending stream of wealth.

Most people think they have money problem, but what they have is a skill problem. The skill to make money and multiply money. And the reason is because we are not taught in school about how to make and multiply money.

So, if you feel like you are in this position, it is not your fault. That is the way the school system has been built. You just need to acquire the trading skill I am about to show you plus access to my signal support group with a little capital and a desire to succeed so that you can make and multiply your own money.

Now imagine that you could have acquire all the information you need and that has made you to be living comfortably with your loved ones without been worried of what happens to the economy.

How will you feel?


when I started trading cryptocurrencies some years ago, I was not buoyant financially to the point that it got me worried, I guess you probably are experiencing same too currently, it has gotten you disturbed on how to gather a reasonable capital to learn and start earning. Permit me to share with you how I made it from grass to grace with the little capital I had.

Meet the facilitator

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My name is

Kayode Olanipekun

Formerly an IT personnel in a furniture company earning N25,000 per month, but the Founder of Digital Wealth World (Diwewo) and a successful Crypto Trader who has made over 150 financially independent people across Africa through his vast knowledge and experience in the world of cryptocurrency


Briefly, permit me to share with you my story

5 years ago I got introduced to online trading, I was a novice just like you but because I was very passionate about achieving financial freedom. I started laying my hands on every information on crypto trading I could get, but it didn't come easy for me because I had no one to mentor me, I had no direction in my learning process because I couldn't find the right mentor.

So, after wandering around for information for a year, I came across a Forex/Cryptocurrency trading course, which was the beginning of my strong enthusiasm for trading. But then, I encountered the popular challenge of not being able to pay for the course at first. Eventually in 2017, I paid for the trading course. Mind you, I was just a low profile office worker being paid pennies as salary, so I was not buoyant financially to afford the training, I had #30,000 (about $85) in my account then with no investment anywhere as a backup, and i needed to pay for the course worth #20,000 (about $57) as at then.

I gave it a lot of thought that i was confused on what to do just like a lot of people are, probably you my reader included. But i was ready to learn and make money. Do you know want to know what I did? I paid the #20,000, leaving me with #10,000. it was a difficult decision for me to make, but I had to because of what I want. And you know what? I'm glad I did. I bought the knowledge that laid the foundation of where I am today with #20,000, and this is why I can confidently share this with you to read.

Although, my learning didn't stop there, I progressed in gathering knowledge from numerous courses to further sharpen my skills. It is these pool of knowledge I had put into practice over the years in combination with progressive experience which altogether has made me a successful cryptocurrency trader that I am now.

During the process of my learning, i was able to invest the little money I had into some coins. In the like of:




These assets popularly called cryptocurrencies were very cheap compared to now. Dec 2019, Ethereum (ETH)price was ranging around $95, but presently ETH price is ranging above $3000 which clearly has given a profit of 3200%. This means if you invested 50,000 Nigeria naira in Ethereum less than 2years ago, you 1,600,000 Million Naira ($3200) rich presently.

Believe me when I tell you there are quite some people who made far more than that.


Upon reading through this page, I presume there is a question running through your mind about "How you can also earn more money than you are".

Relax, I am here to show you secrets which definitely will answer your question, the only thing required of you is to make yourself available

I should note to you as your friend who wants the best for you that you don't have to wait for two years before you can start earning from cryptocurrencies trading because I have made it easy and simple for you on how you can start earning and multiply your money in dollars when you subscribe to my EXCLUSIVE CRYPTO TRANING PROGRAMME.

Awesome right?


So what are you going to get from this EXCLUSIVE CRYPTO TRAINING PROGRAM?


It is a one time payment and it entails everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency

Technical and Fundamental Trading. Valued AT N70,000 ($140)

  • Basic of Cryptocurrency
  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading to
  • Key Concepts of Daily Trading
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Crypto Researches

Access to my Cryptocurrency Community where I will teach you and get you informed on the latest powerful strategy for making big profits in Cryptocurrency. Valued at #19,500 ($39)

Effective entry strategies. Not only that, you will be taught how to make money while learning. Valued at #108,200($216).

How to use binance successfully and also how to navigate using other exchanges for trading. VALUED AT N47,000 ($94). And Access to Lifetime Signals which is priceless.

Technically, the total worth of this course contents with Lifetime Signals is N218,500 ($437)

But I won't ask you to pay that, even though that's what you should pay, Instead the course will be offered at N55,000 ($96.5)

Here is the best of it:

The first 20 people will be given 24% discount which means they will be paying N42,000 ($73.7) only.


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WhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 23.04.45

My strong desire for you is to also be among these Crypto-made successful people.


Mr. Prince Adebayo

CEO De Milad Engineering Nigeria Limited

This is fact. And I'm happy that you've given a lot to share this knowledge to people both for free and for your special students, Oga Kayus, the work you're doing is more than what many NGO have offered to humanity and I'm sure people pray for you everyday. Keep up the good work boss👌🏿

Mr. Adeniyi Sunday

CEO of ASDA multiconcept

Anytime I woke up I always say a prayer, that God should keep you for everyone around you. I always get joy when your name pump my head, the name kayus.

Mr. Ayodele Glory

There's a saying that says seeing is believing. Since when I started I can boldly tell you that I seen and learnt that is not by handwork but by working smart and walking with the right person. The boss kayus is the right person I have walked with and believed, since then I've never been stranded, don't hesitate just take action and when you start I promise you that you will smile.


Its over 2 years now that I've been impacting lives and growing a community of the wealthy. Now is your turn for me to replicate the same for you with my crypto currency course and make you a part of the wealthy community.


you are on the right track.

Now that I have wet your nitty-gritty. You are probably thinking it must cost you a fortune to lay your hands on this EXCLUSIVE CRYPTO TRAINING PROGRAM.

Well!!! considering how much I had personally invested or spent trying different things that did not work before discovering what works which I will be sharing with you. I won't be wrong if I'd ask you to pay N100,000. Since cryptocurrency is assuredly one of the easiest ways to start making and multiplying money online. Not just a one-time one, but a means that keeps making and multiplying your money every month for the rest of your life when you apply the knowledge and possess the skills needed. Isn't that worth everything to you right now?

For me, it was worth investing everything into because cryptocurrency has been paying me and my students till now. That experience is what I want for you too. Nigeria is tough enough, and the economy is not smiling.

Hence, I won't ask you to cough out as much to pay N100,000 ($200) that I personally think its worth. In fact I won't be asking you to pay half which is N60,000 ($106) even though I am sure what you will be getting is worth every penny of that.

But if you are really tired of working every time just to make (extra) money and the idea of finally having an income source that will keep paying for life once you have master the trading skill and acquire the knowledge. Then you won't mind the token I am asking you to invest so that you can be rich and wealthy over time.

Which is why I am letting you and the 29 fast action takers to get a limited access to the EXCLUSIVE CRYPTO TRAINING PROGRAM at a discount of

N42,000 ($84) only.


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at #42,000 Nigeria Naira ($84) before countdown ends and avoid paying 55,000 Naira ($110) instead










2 years ago Two years ago when I started teaching cryptocurrency, I pledged to raise rich students, which you will be privileged to be one of them upon your payment without wasting time In my Cryptocurrency course, all you need is just a one-time payment to be part of the Cryptocurrency community and you stand a great chance to enjoy the privileges' for life.

Oh less I forget…….

If after you get access to my EXCLUSIVE CRYPTO TRAINING PROGRAM, and you were serious and made yourself available, yet you do not get all I have promised here after a considerable period.

Just let me know. You will get a full refund and I will personally apologize to you for wasting your time. Obviously I can comfortably make such bold promise because, I know there is no chance of you failing if you follow everything I share with you in this cryptocurrency program.


He has said it all,

As you click here the button below, you will be redirected to the page where you can make your payment with credit Card.

But, I don't have a credit card, NO WORRIES, Kindly use the details below to pay using bank transfer.

Account Name : 0792623582

Bank Name : Access Bank

Account Name : Olanipekun Abayomi Kayode

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Do not procrastinate because I will only allow 30 people to access these offer at the launch price of N42,000 before I jack up the price.

There are lots of things which are secrets you should know about, but I will only share with you some of those secrets here.

Let's take this as one, this is more than any form of mentorship you probably have heard before or come across, just because I have a special treatment for my students reason why we have exclusive results to show for the work done.

This is personal intimacy with me, with me having series and putting in place all the strategies for your success. I have designed and structured the lessons in a way that you can start making money right from the start up of your Cryptocurrency journey with me.

How does that work?

Once payment is made, you will receive instructions and links to your lessons which will come along side your addition to my one and only group, which is the Cryptocurrency community.

This course have been structured in a way to make you money as you are learning.

Now you know this is absolutely different and awesome.

You should stop waiting and beating around the bush, you can be a part right away with your one time payment of 42k Nigeria Naira

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