How to make extra $100 - $1,000 in less than 60 days using Cryptocurrency without trading the Crypto Market.

By clicking the button below, you will have access to the 60 mins video that explain how you can make money from different sectors in cryptocurrency, cutting across cryptocurrency jobs, over the counter, trading and investing, and so on...


This is fact. And I'm happy that you've given a lot to share this knowledge to people both for free and for your special students, Oga Kayus, the work you're doing is more than what many NGO have offered to humanity and I'm sure people pray for you everyday. Keep up the good work boss

Engr. Prince Adebayo

CEO DE Milad Engineering Nigeria Ltd.

There's a saying that says seeing is believing. Since when I started I can boldly tell you that I seen and learnt that is not by handwork but by working smart and walking with the right person. The boss Kayus is the right person I have walked with and believed, since then I've never been stranded, don't hesitate just take action and when you start I promise you that you will smile.

Arc. Ayodele Glory


Many are still to join the academy, coz have tell my Friends and family, and am giving them my testimony on Crypto world, have not started trading yet, but with the off line p2p, am making more fund every month, am even planning to come back to Nigeria maybe next year, after am going in the crypto space, I wish to be a full time in the crypto space

Mr. Yemi

Base in South Africa

What you get 

Here,s what you' will learn in this 60 minutes video

My story from being a market loser to winner

I will share with you how I lost my 3 months salary twice and also investors money in trading and how I was able to bounce back.

You will also get to know common mistakes by traders and why they lose all their funds to the market.

Also how to be among the only 10% that make money in the crypto industry.

A-Z of crypto

You'll learn what is cryptocurrency and the types

You will learn how to earn passively and actively with cryptocurrency

How other millionaires and countries are investing in crypto

Others ways to make money from crypto

Making money from "over the counter trading"

Making money from cryptocurrency jobs/defi jobs

Making money from trading and investing

To join many of my students who are making money in the industry with all of these ways and strategies, click the button below to get the video that explain all of these:

About the coach

I am Kayode Ola by name.

The  Founder of Digital Wealth World (Diwewo).

The world first open source, decentralized online platform for education on cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (deFi), block chain development, NFTs and Financial analysis. And a successful Crypto Trader and Investor who has made over 590 financially independent people across Africa through his vast knowledge and experience in the world of cryptocurrency.

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