Please read carefully about how our affiliate program works..... 

Please note that we don´t use a group for our cryptocurrency free webinars. We use a broadcast message instead. And here is why.

1. To avoid spamming the group

2. Protect our members Identity ( there are people who enter a group just to enter another person´s direct message for contact save up, i am sure some of us have experienced this)

3. To protect our members from being scammed.

And using a broadcast list save us from this stress, in which the lessons will be directed straight into our subscribers direct message. Which means that all your prospect are going to our channel funnel.

Now your question might be how will i know if my prospect already come?

Below are the steps...

Step 1

You will be given a unique link to work it, which is for only you. Example of link :

Note that the link is registered in your name.

Step 2

Once you prospect click your link, it will direct them straight to my inbox as seen in the picture below. Eli is the name of the prospect in the picture as you have seen (Eli) inside a box.

After which a message will be sent to them, as you have seen in the picture. 

Immediately a reply is given by the prospect which is "done". The prospect number will be saved and he/she will be added to your broadcast list immediately just as shown below.

All your prospect number will be saved in your name as shown in the picture above for easy recognition that they are from you any time till earth end.

Note that: You can always request for how many prospect you have gotten any time any day.

Our classes are very unique, and that is why will call it CRYPTO MASTER CLASS. And we have the zeal to protect our members


If need be, kindly let your prospect know its important for them to reply the message in other to be able to partake in the master class

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