Discover how to avoid loosing your money in the crypto market.

Ultimate Guide To Risk Management In A Crypto Bear Market

Join us for this free live webinar event & discover how a simple risk management strategy can help you make more money than you lose in a crypto bear market

Tuesday, November 29th, 8:00 PM Western Time

The Webinar

The cryptocurrency market is 95% about a trader managing their risks, but traders today already neglected the fact, reason why 97% of traders loss money. In this webinar brought to you by diwewo, you will learn the basics and advance method of how you can manage your risk as a cryptocurrency trader in other for you to have more winning trades than your losses.

Meet Our People

Founder Diwewo - Speaker

Kayode Ola

Crypto Trader || Investor || Coach || Digital Creator

Product manager Diwewo - Speaker

Raj Kuta

Crypto Coach || DeFi Enthusiast 

Founder Blockchain BUK - Host

Miracle Ogbuehi

Blockchain Enthusiast

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