Discover the smart new ways to grow your income with cryptocurrency in less than 30 days after learning

Have you been restlessly searching around for means to earn money online without going through unworthy stress? You've heard from here and there how that people become wealthy just because they got themselves engaged with online skills. How? You ask yourself.

Diwewo is not only here to give you answers, but also is your answer. We are passionate at helping people to acquiring some high paying digital skills that will help create wealth such that a lifetime financial freedom is attained with cryptocurrency.

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Who Are We?

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DiWeWo is the world's first, open-source, decentralized online platform for education on cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain development, NFTs and financial analysis.  The aim of the platform is to provide free financial education for all as regards to cryptocurrencies to facilitate improved knowledge and better decision-making among interested persons.

DiWeWo is registered under the CAC of Nigeria.


The courses below will make you thousands of your currency, celebrate your win of liberty, but before you celebrate, take action with any of the crypto skills below.

Full Cryptocurrency Course

This course comprises all the goodies that you need to make money with in cryptocurrency. Making money in cryptocurrency becomes easy as you will be exposed to different niche in the cryptocurrency industry. This is an ultimate course which comprises ALL you need to know about the cryptocurrency industry. Learn more by clicking the button below

Trading And Investing

How to make consistent money in the cryptocurrency market all backs down to your skills, how about if I show you a proven way of wining in the market all by your self and be a winner who outsmart the majority who lose to the market? Learn more by clicking the button below

Decentralized Finance

DeFi refers to financial applications built on blockchain technology that enable digital transactions between multiple parties. The blockchain is essentially a public ledger for digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. DeFi can involve lending crypto, sending crypto, or investing crypto.

Arbitrage And Over-The-Counter

How about if I show you how you can make $10 to $100 constantly everyday just be doing arbitrage and OTC trading? Learn more by clicking the button below

Trading Signal

Do you know how to trade? but making consistent profit is the problem, or you are the type that have paid for signals earlier but always still losing due to bad signals? you have gotten your answer to great signals with us, click the learn more button below to learn more about our signal service


Mr. Prince Adebayo

CEO De Milad Engineering Nigeria Limited

This is fact. And I'm happy that you've given a lot to share this knowledge to people both for free and for your special students, Oga Kayus, the work you're doing is more than what many NGO have offered to humanity and I'm sure people pray for you everyday. Keep up the good work boss👌🏿

Mr. Adeniyi Sunday

CEO of ASDA multiconcept

Anytime I woke up I always say a prayer, that God should keep you for everyone around you. I always get joy when your name pump my head, the name kayus.

Mr. Ayodele Glory

There's a saying that says seeing is believing. Since when I started I can boldly tell you that I seen and learnt that is not by handwork but by working smart and walking with the right person. The boss kayus is the right person I have walked with and believed, since then I've never been stranded, don't hesitate just take action and when you start I promise you that you will smile.


Mr. Yemi

Base in South Africa

Many are still to join the academy, coz have tell my Friends and family, and am giving them my testimony on Crypto world, have not started trading yet, but with the off line p2p, am making more fund every month, am even planning to come back to Nigeria maybe next year, after am going in the crypto space, I wish to be a full time in the crypto space

Mr. Priya Mahesh

From India

I am very much satisfied. I am more happy that i am learning also along with earning

Frequently asked question


1What are high income skills?
High income skills are money making skills like cryptocurrency that you can earn about $500 or more every month.
2Can I learn all these ones combined?
Yes you can, which is the full cryptocurrency ultimate course, it comprises all other ones. It's the first course on this website
3How am I sure this will work for me?
We have simplified our teachings in a way you will easily understand and if you implement them, you will surely see result.
4Any more guarantee for me?
Yes, if after implementing all what you have learnt within three months and you didn't see result, we will refund you back your money.
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